PCI-E Disk Array / 3U
RAID Feature
Intel Dual Core 1200 MHz IOP348 I/O processor for RAID core and SAS microcode
Default 512MB Up to 4GB DDR2-533 ECC SDRAM Cache
Intel RAID 6 engine to support extreme performance RAID 6
RAID level 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 or JBOD
Multiple RAID selection
Online Array roaming
Online RAID level/stripe size migration
Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
Online volume set growth
Instant availability and background initialization
Automatic drive insertion / removal detection and rebuilding
Greater than 2TB per volume set (64-bit LBA support)
Disk scrubbing/ array verify scheduling for automatic repair of all configured RAID sets
Login record in the event log with IP address and service (http, telnet and serial)
Support spin down drives when not in use to extend service life (MAID)
Support NTP protocol to synchronize RAID controller clock over the on-board Ethernet port
Max 128 LUNs (volume set) per controller
Battery Backup Module ready (Option)
Application Diagram
Model Name EW-333AS-1680ix-16 EW-333AR-1680ix-16
Host Interface PCI-Express x8 Host Card
Drive Interface 16 SAS/SATAII drives
Expansion Port 1 x (4x3Gbps)miniSAS for expansion up to 122 devices
Expansion Slott 1*PCI-e 8x(8 Lane) slot or 2*PCI-e 4x(4 Lane) slots
On Board Cache Default 512MB Up to 4GB DDR2-667 ECC SDRAM
Power Supply Single 400W Power Supply
(Low Noise)
Dual 400W Redundant Power Supply
Dimension 3U 16Bays:559(D) x 482(W) x 131(H) mm
Cooling Internal Two - 80x80x25 mm Fans & External Two - 75x75x28 mm Blowers
Weight 3U 16Bays:18KG