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Netstor Announces HPC-Ready Rackmount PCIe Gen4 GPU Expansion Chassis NA265A-G4

(Taipei, Taiwan--September 12, 2023) Netstor Technology, a leading manufacturer of GPU/PCIe expansion products in the industry, has released TurboBox Rac NA265A-G4, a 19” rackmount GPU PCIe 4.0 expansion chassis. It offers fastest ever data transfer rates up to 256 Gbps between server and GPU enclosure for the workflows. Additionally, inside the Netstor, it is designed to have four downstream PCIe 4.0 x16 slots supporting up to 4 triple-width high-performance graphics cards in favor of the server/workstation application production.

The TurboBox Rac NA265A-G4’s host card itself is designed Low-Profile height, so it is compatible with both full-height space workstation and low profile space-limited 1U / 2U PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 server; through the implementation of Netstor rackmount GPU chassis, an existing server will be turned into a super workstation in the most cost-effective way. Furthermore, the server that has been turned into a supercomputing workstation by NA265A-G4 has been the best cost performance ratio solution for users/administrators in favor of the High-Performance Computing fields, telecommunication (like cloud computing and many more), and enterprise/corporate applications (like data analysis, surveillance, storage, and many more).

The built-in high efficiency dual mode 1650W/2000W power supply unit inside TurboBox Rac NA265A-G4 does provide twelve supplementary 6+2 pin PCIe power cables that can sufficiently meet the power requirement of any modern GPU/graphics cards in support of demanding heavy-workloads and mission critical applications. Followed by the desktop version of the GPU chassis NA255A-G4 that has already been used and implemented broadly and widely for the solution and application of video editing, digital content creation (DCC), post-production and many more, Netstor continues to devote itself to the development of varied GPU/PCIe expansion, and has therefore released the rackmount-type PCIe expansion chassis NA265A-G4 in favor of all kinds of HPC, telecommunication, and enterprise/corporate applications and solutions.