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Up to 256Gbps – Netstor Ultra High-Speed PCIe Gen4 GPU Chassis Now Available

(Taipei, Taiwan--April 12, 2023)Netstor is pleased to announce the release of TurboBox Pro PCIe Gen4 desktop GPU chassis NA255A-G4. This newly-launched GPU expansion chassis utilizes the latest PCIe 4.0 technology and PCIe 4.0 x16 (16-lane) host interface with 16Gbps throughput per lane, offering unprecedented blazing-fast data transfer rate up to 256Gbps between server and Netstor unit, dedicated for GPU-accelerated applications. The GPU chassis is also created to have four PCIe 4.0 x16 slots (x16 signal) on backplane within Netstor unit, supporting up to four triple-width Gen4 graphics cards (backward compatible with Gen3 GPU card) to work with server/workstation in favor of fields including HPC, telecom, data centers, and many more.

As modern graphics cards require much more power for operation, the TurboBox Pro Gen4 GPU chassis has been thoughtfully designed to provide twelve 6+2 pin PCIe power cables in support of up to four high-performance graphics cards running simultaneously. In addition to the power given sufficiently to the GPUs, the reliable power supply inside the chassis allows all heavy workloads and demanding applications to run perfectly and ensure all processing/rendering workflows can be completed smoothly as well. Additionally, the Netstor R&D and mechanical teams have worked closely together to develop innovative ventilation design for heat dissipation of multi-GPU usage, assuring that all graphics cards run with modest temperature by the internal high efficient cooling framework.

The Netstor Gen4 GPU chassis is designed to be perfectly applied to High Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU-accelerated applications with multi-GPU employment. With multiple GPUs inside Gen4 enclosure working with server on different applications, the operation is able to advance the processing/rendering speed significantly and greatly. Hence, a large amount of time will be saved with Netstor Gen4 GPU solution and HPC, making sure the more time saved is the more productivity created. Moreover, the Netstor Gen4 enclosure with multi-GPU for high performance computing can be fully applied to varied fields including finance, mechanics, science, government agencies, engineering design, research, animation, motion graphics editing, and many more.