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New Video Released for Rackmount PCIe Gen4 NA265A-G4 GPU Chassis

(Taipei, Taiwan--January 29, 2024) Netstor Technology, a leading brand in the GPU expansion chassis, released rackmount NA265A-G4 PCIe 4.0 GPU enclosure, offering lightning-fast data transfer rates up to 256 Gbps between workstation and GPU chassis in support of varied mission critical applications. Up to four (4) triple-width high-end Nvidia or AMD graphics cards can be freely used inside Netstor NA265A-G4 to add extra powerful computing to your server and workstation for accelerating computationally-intensive tasks and for handling various HPC (High-Performance Computing) workloads.

Additionally, Netstor NA265A-G4 PCIe Gen4 GPU chassis is designed and created to be able to be set up with your server/workstation easily and effortlessly. For the complete setup guide of NA265A-G4 to the PCIe Gen4 and PCIe Gen5 workstation, please refer to the video at the YouTube site here: https://youtu.be/ViZVWdVuPKI